Have you ever noticed how Grandma’s old pearls don’t look as lustrous as they used to? They may be in need of cleaning and restringing. The silk cord stretches over time, allowing the pearls to move back and forth between the knots. Dirt then gets on the silk, becomes noticeable and gets on the pearls.

To protect and enjoy your pearl necklaces and bracelets, they should be strung every few years, if you wear them occasionally.  When pearls are cleaned and restrung, they can look like another strand of pearls!

We string all types of bead and pearl necklaces and bracelets. We string multi strands of beads and pearls, graduated pearl strands and beads with designs or patterns.

We can make your necklace or bracelet look like new – graduated or multi strands are no problem for our experts. Don’t neglect a pearl heirloom when it is so easy to get it restrung.